What To Know Before You Start Bodybuilding

There is a lot of misconception about what testosterone can do. Some people often buy testosterone and use it to improve their sexual performance while others use testosterone supplements for bodybuilding purposes. There are also those who take testosterone tablets as a mass gainer while athletes use these products to improve their endurance. The question is – who among these users is using testosterone accordingly and who is abusing the drug? Well, they are all right. Testosterone has a wide range of uses from medical to recreational uses. Let’s take a look at some of these uses in detail. This will give you all the information you need before you start looking for testosterone for sale.


Testosterone is a sex hormone that causes a number of changes in the body. First, it increases nitrogen retention. It also increases protein synthesis. These are the two bodybuilding requirements. If you exercise a lot while using the best testosterone supplements, you can be assured of gaining a lot of muscle fast. This will transform your physique and increase your strength. Testosterone can be included in bulking cycles.

Improving Endurance

Testosterone can be used to improve endurance by increasing the red blood cell count of the user. In some cases, doctors may prescribe testosterone to anemic patients to boost their red blood cell count with the aim of enabling them to carry out physically exerting activities, such as jogging for fitness, which most anemic patients are not able to do. The same principle applies to athletes, who use testosterone to boost their endurance and get a competitive edge over the competition.

Improving Sexual Performance

Testosterone production usually starts at around puberty. This is when teens usually start behaving like randy goats. This is because testosterone stimulates the testicles to start producing sperms, increases the size of the penis and makes teens want to have sex. It also increases their libido. As you can see, this is truly a sex hormone. When men reach age 30 years, their testosterone levels usually start declining. This means their sexual interest and performance may decline. To reverse these changes, men can use natural testosterone supplements, which work by stimulating the body to produce testosterone naturally. The second option is to use testosterone tablets, which contain synthetic testosterone that mimics the effects of natural testosterone hormone. This will improve their sexual performance, by reviving their libido and improving their sexual stamina. As you can see, testosterone supplements can help improve sexual performance.

Mass Gainer

While the vast majority of people are trying to reduce their weight, there are some people who have a problem gaining weight. People with delayed puberty, for instance, usually have a smaller frame and the only way they can gain weight is through the use of testosterone. People who are suffering from AIDS or cancer are usually underweight, so they may be stigmatized by members of the society due to their weight. Testosterone can help these patients to gain weight by improving their protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. With time, these patients would have gained a healthy weight, so they will appear healthy and normal.