Getting A Six Pack: A Beginner Guide For Unfit Individuals

If you have not been working out for the past year or so, it is accurate to say that you are an unfit person. You may be overweight, obese, you may have a bulging belly, etc. Either way, all that should not disqualify you from working towards getting a six pack. With time and dedication, you can get there. And here is a general guide on how to go about it.

Do lots and lots of cardio exercises

As an unfit person, the most important thing you should focus on is cardio exercises. Cardio exercises will do two major things for your body. One, they will burn fat and calories, allowing you to shed away all that weight that you have in all the wrong areas. Even if you don’t consider yourself fat, you may have fat around your belly. And it is crucial to shed that fat off when working towards a six pack. Cardio exercises will also tone your muscles and transform you from being unfit to fit. Some of the cardio exercises you should do include walking, jogging, running, aerobics, and cycling.

Get on a diet

Another thing you should do is get on a diet immediately. What you eat will determine whether your training efforts are going forward, backward or nowhere at all. If you start watching what you eat, your fitness progress will move forward. You don’t have to go on one of those extreme diets. Simply start eating a balanced diet. Shun fast food, sugary foods, fatty foods, processed foods, and snacks. Opt for vegetables, fruits, protein, and a few carbs.

Work your core area

Last but not least, work your core. The core is the midsection area. This is where your abdominal muscles lie. If you want them to be visible once your training has progressed, you will need to start working these muscles now. But don’t overdo it, a little training every day will suffice. Some of the core exercises you can try out include crunches, sit-ups, chin-ups, planks, kettle bell lifts, curls, cable crunches, and more. However, note that your abs will only be visible to you or other people once you have shed nearly all the fat around your midsection area.

It’s going to be a tough journey but keep your eye on the prize. Monitor your progress regularly and celebrate all the little wins that you make on your fitness journey. With time, your six pack will start to appear and you’ll know you’re in the home stretch zone.