Bodybuilding Steroid: The Magic Cutting And Bulking Steroid For Women

Winstrol steroid is one of the few steroids recommended for both men and women looking to improve their appearance and performance. The steroid improves the metabolic effect in the body, which in turn accelerates protein synthesis, enhances nitrogen retention, and boosts physical strength. Furthermore, unlike other orally available steroids, Winstrol pills are not toxic to your liver. The popularity of Winstrol tablets among bodybuilders is mainly because of its ability to stimulate muscle growth for a significant increase in endurance and strength. Athletes also buy Winstrol because of its ability to eliminate excess water for hard toned muscles. Another reason why Winstrol for sale is one of the highly searched terms on the internet is because of its ability to boost flexibility.

By getting rid of the excess fat, the Winstrol steroids make it easy to move and flex your muscles enabling your body to move more comfortably, unlike other steroids that you make feel stiff. Winstrol is also one of the few steroids that enable athletes and bodybuilders to lose fat without losing muscle mass, which makes it perfect for a cutting cycle. The steroid also helps to improve muscle density by increasing energy for more workouts and by burning fat to make your muscles more visible. Furthermore, after a few weeks taking Winstrol pills, athletes report increased speed, power, and agility.

The traits and effects of Winstrol

Studies on Winstrol steroids have shown that it acts on cellular androgen receptors, unlike other steroids that are non-receptor mediated. It also possesses some form of anti-progestogenic properties that cause small antagonistic effects on the receptor. Other properties of Winstrol tablets include the low affinity for Glucocorticoid and ability to act independently of progesterone, Androgen, and Glucocorticoid receptors. It also has a high binding affinity for sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), which enables it to promote muscle growth. In fact, a study found that Winstrol steroid has the ability to reduce SHBG by up to 48-percent after only three days use.

Winstrol tablets also offer DHT-derivative benefits. Winstrol does not bind to the aromatase enzyme that causes Estrogen conversion resulting in the avoidance of Estrogen side effects such as water retention. It also has a longer half-life as a result of its structural modifications, which enables users to take it more conveniently. The other unique aspect of Winstrol is its anabolic and androgenic rating. Its anabolic rating is three times more potent than testosterone while its androgenic rating is about three times less than that of testosterone. While it is popular for cutting among men, the higher anabolic rating and low androgenic rating make it effective for bulking among women. Its effectiveness and highly tolerable nature mean that women can notice remarkable improvements at very low doses without increasing the risk of side effects.


The main reason why most women athletes buy Winstrol online for bulking and cutting is mainly because of its efficacy. At the low dosage of about 10mg per day, women athletes can notice remarkable muscle mass gains of up to 15 pounds in just six weeks when it is combined with proper diet and exercises.